Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod

Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod


Live Large and have a Beary Christmas this year!

This tree will take you back to a winter wonderland for the holiday season. Beautifully decorated with colors of white, silver and of course lime green. The main focus is on the many polar bears of all sizes along with their wilderness friends. You will love the elegance and uniqueness of this tree and its ability to look festive and amazing in any setting. Also to love is the large amount of gifts that come with the tree enabling anyone who wins it, to live large this holiday season!The Polar bear is a symbol that reminds us of the everyday victims of Lyme disease. Polar bears are enormously strong and full of courage. They have to stand up to the challenges in life, no matter how intimidating they are. This white bear is a reminder that you can live and thrive in environments that may be hostile to others. They symbolize endurance, strength and determination. We see these same qualities in anyone who has to live with the many symptoms that Lyme disease brings to their daily life. They are the polar bears of our society that are all too often misunderstood.


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