National Marine Life Center

National Marine Life Center


NMLC Tree Theme: Follow the Light
The National Marine Life Centers, Follow the Light holiday tree is adorned with sea themed animals, gold sparkling ribbon and other beach themed trinkets. Our beautifully decorated tree is dedicated to the sea turtle hatchlings that follow the light to the ocean each year after hatching. It includes a beautiful water color painting of a sea turtle in the waves, a snorkel, fins and mask to enjoy at 2 different travel locations, Antiqua and St. Lucia, jewelry, trips to museums, aquarium animal encounter a TV and more. Best of all, you get to name one of our endangered Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle patients and get a behind the scenes tour in the NMLC Ultimate Adoption Package!


Each ticket purchased helps to pay for the cold stunned sea turtles medical treatments, getting them one flipper closer to returning to the sea!  

Tree Sponsor: Solar Rising


To learn more about this dedicated nonprofit organization, click here.

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